This blog provides an insight into my life as a painter. In particular, it establishes the inspiration for my chosen subject matter and discerns the significance of my artwork.

Fiona Lowe Brunell is a contemporary artist based in Ireland. F.L. Brunell graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast with a First Class Honours degree in History of Art. Prior to this Fiona was awarded Joint First Place in Northern Ireland A Level Art and Design.

Post study marked a return to the practice of painting. Brunell notes how everything has come full circle and History of Art has proven to be an invaluable resource in the development of her artwork. In particular, key influences have been derived from the Renaissance period and Abstract Expressionism.

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For Brunell, the concept is integral to the discipline. Central to Brunell’s artwork is the concept of painting dates in time. As a painter, her way of seeing offers a new perspective conceived from an inner reality. The composition of a day, month and year is transformed into a visual manifestation. Whilst these artworks may be viewed primarily for aesthetics, it is only when there is an understanding of the concept that the spectator begins to understand the didactic value.

The spectrum of life shapes and colours Brunell’s perspective as an artist. As a result, the subject matter of the artwork diversifies to include current affairs, culture, history and sport. Currently the painter is developing a collection based on Irish Writers. The subject has become an ever expanding discourse due to the collective volume of seminal writers.

F.L. Brunell’s artworks are currently in collections in the Titanic Foundation Belfast, the South African Embassy Dublin and the Nelson Mandela Foundation South Africa as well as corporate and private collections.

The painter has been invited to exhibit in the James Joyce House, Dublin. Later in 2016 she will host an exhibition in The Merrion Hotel Dublin and Artisann Gallery Belfast.